8 Website to Get Daily Dose of Inspiration

I love to look at amazing works people done in the world. I think that works inspire us and force us to be better at what we are doing. The world will be better if we all do awesome works and inspire others.

Here is great sources to get daily dose of inspiration:

Panda - Keeping designers and hackers inspired every day

A screenshot from http://usepanda.com/app/

Panda is a great app that inspires designers and hackers every day. Actually Panda is a shortcut for some other sites like Hacker News, Designer News, Dribbble, Behance, Sidebar . This sites are also great sources to get inspired, but I do not write about them in this post.


Inspired UI - Mobile Apps Design Patterns

A screenshot from http://inspired-ui.com/

Inspired UI is a place where awesome and inspiring mobile app design patterns are listed.


Pttrns - Library of iPhone and iPad user interface patterns

A screenshot from http://www.pttrns.com/

Pttrns is like Inspired UI but just for iPhone and iPad user interfaces.


Capptivate - a kinetic pattern library that captures and preserves delightful iOS animations

A screenshot from http://capptivate.co/

Capptivate is a library for insipiring iOS UI Animations. If you like animations in mobile apps, you should visir Capptivate daily.


Flat Inspire - Flat UI Design Gallery & Showcase

A screenshot from http://flatinspire.com/

Nowadays, we can say “Flat is the new Sexy”. See what is new in Flat UI World from Flat Inspire daily.


Site Inspire - Showcase of the finest web and interactive design

A screenshot from http://www.siteinspire.com

See inspiring web and interactive design in Site Inspire.


Product Hunt - a daily leaderboard of the best new products

A screenshot from http://www.producthunt.co

Product Hunt is one of my favorite site to get inspiration. Product Hunt lists best new products daily. So we can track what products people making in the world. You may find a great product that makes your life easier in Product Hunt. You may find your next startup idea in here. I think there are a lot of things to explore in Product Hunt.


Designspiration - discover and share great design

A screenshot from http://designspiration.net/

Designspiration is place to explore great design. You can also find some real world design inspiration in this web site.


Update: More Inspiration added below… Wear UI -Wearable Technology UI Inspiration

Wearable Inspiration http://wearui.co
Wear UI is a platform to showcase wearable technology user interface.


Good players inspire themselves; great players inspire others

This web sites shows awesome works from intelligent people. We need to get inspired from them. But do not forget that this great works are the result of hard work. If you are not good enough at what you do now, you must work hard to become better. And one day you will inspire others.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” -Pablo Picasso

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photo by Aleks Dorohovich


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